For quality smash and car body repairs, car paint and vehicle enhancements in Christchurch and Canterbury. Call Hussey Paint & Panel on (03) 3849 752

Smash Repairs & Paint


At Hussey Paint & Panel in Christchurch our approach is to provide you top quality car paint and body repairs so you get back on the road and your car looks like new again.

Professional Car Detailing


Our car detailing includes interior and exterior cleaning, polishing and waxing. We guarantee that your car will look look as good as new, if not better!

Cosmetic Vehicle Restoration


We can professionally restore the appearance of your car, which includes smash repair, painting and the finer details, plus any vehicle enhancements you want.

The Best Customer Care


We will look after you! We know that you are looking for someone to just get the job done and take care of everything. The team at Hussey Paint & Panel will make this a priority.

Fast Professional Repairs


Having your car off the road is a major hassle. We know! So our aim is to get you back on the road quickly with fast AND professional repairs done at the highest quality.

No Stress? No Worries!


At Hussey Paint and Panel, we will remove the stress associated with having your vehicle repairs done. You can be assured that the Hussey Paint and Panel team have it covered.